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Canadians, I-502 and Marijuana at the Border in Washington

Am I the only one who thinks it maybe a little odd that Marijuana will be illegal at the U.S. border, but will be allowed in the interior of Washington state? It is inevitable that the Canadian citizens will visit … Continue reading

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Six Things That (Almost) Guarantee a Speeding Ticket

Coming to visit the U.S. and plan on driving?  Here some advice from my lawyer friend Justin Surginer on how to avoid a ticket. Your driving style and road etiquette are the main reasons why you may be prone to get speeding … Continue reading

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Issues Immigrants Face with Traffic Tickets

A traffic ticket is a minor nuisance for most United States citizens. Traffic tickets pose much larger problems for immigrants. Both illegal and legal immigrants face serious consequences as a result of a traffic infraction. These consequences include arrest and … Continue reading

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Marijuana at the Washington State Border After I-502

In November 2012, the voters of Washington State made history by decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana. This has effected the way marijuana charges are handled at the border. However, while state and local authorities may not prosecute … Continue reading

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Strip Searches at the U.S. Border

There has been a case in the news recently that led to much discussion about the appropriateness of strip searches at the U.S. border.  That case is Loretta Van Beek v. United States.  Ms. Van Beek filed in U.S. federal … Continue reading

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Marijuana Arrests At U.S. Border – Fueled by Overstaffing?

In the Seattle-Times recently there was an interesting article discussing the staffing levels for border patrol and customs agents on the U.S. / Canadian border. The article explained that since the 9/11 attack, that the number of agents at the … Continue reading

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Tips for Canadians Caught with Marijuana at the Border

In Canada the possession of smaller quantities of marijuana is more tolerated then in many areas of the U.S.  For Canadian citizens, being caught at the U.S. border with even tiny amounts of marijuana can be a disturbing experience.  In … Continue reading

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